Creative block cuts deeper than the page

I don’t care if you’ve never touched a pen. You can still be creatively blocked.

I’m talking about creativity as a ‘way’ not a ‘thing’. If it was a ‘thing’ we could go without it. But it’s not. It’s what makes us human.

If you’re reading this, you’re a creative being whether you know it or not. Which means you also have the creative power to ignore this fact.

Taking conscious notice of it allows us to embrace and celebrate the creative powers we were born with. This weird little life we have — as dysfunctional or horrid as it may be — changes when when we realize we can step outside of it, look at it, poke fun at it, and express it in whatever way we want.

Living a consciously creative life means having faith in your curiosity over your fear.

Will you follow those hunches, wonderings and soulful expressions that bubble up — on paper, in clay, on the balance sheet, at work, walking with your loved ones, on the dance floor, at the dinner table during the holidays when uncle Jimmy is asking the kids to pull his finger AGAIN?

Creative block is living life with blinders on.

It’s shrinking away from those curious hunches.
It’s running from the unknown.
It’s grasping for safety and survival and not sticking our necks out.
It’s stifling our self expression over fear of being ridiculed.
It’s stopping before you even start and living small.

This is all part of creative block.

Living a creative life means living an interesting life. No life is interesting — or uninteresting — in and of itself. It’s the way we see it, feel it, and live it that makes it so.

The block is put there by none other than us to shield us from ourselves.

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