I want to feel it in my toes


I don’t care if you’re a designer, chef, customer service rep, barista, rodeo clown, comedian, or acrobat — I want to feel your soul in my pinkie toe.

Up to eleven, hombre. That’s where I want it.

We can live dead, or we can live alive. Which one suits you best?

Pour your soul into what you do. Into everything. From washing dishes to busking beside the subway.

Bring. That. Soul.

I want to feel it everywhere I go. There’s no reason I shouldn’t. You’re well equipped with everything you need to make it happen.

Will you get paid more for it? For that, I can’t guarantee anything.

But I can guarantee you one thing...

As much as I’ll enjoy basking in it, the benefits are multiplied for you — the giver of the Soul.

Yep, you’re not only depriving me of it, you’re depriving yourself.

So bring it.

In my toes... I can’t feel it yet.

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