Rewriting our narrative through the creative journey

When you embark on a creative journey of any sort, you add an entirely new dimension to your life.

Writing allows me to create my narrative anew, day after day.

The process of writing has shown me that — hey, check it out — I have the pen in my hand. I can be buried in the narrative one moment and I can pull away from it and edit it the next.

Something I was fully on-board with yesterday can seem like utter nonsense today. And I can delete it. In a split-second.

I can write something that I think is complete, and then, at 3am (weird how it always happens at 3am), a whole new chunk of the piece can appear. Gripping the steel bars of my mind, urging me to get it out on the page.

“Please, let me escape,” it calls, “While I have this chance. The guards aren’t watching. Let me out!”

And I’m dragged out of bed again to make a note where the idea can rest, safely, until daybreak.

Pretty cool superpowers we creatives have, isn’t it. And by saying ‘we creatives’, I mean ‘we humans’.

As with most things in the creative realm, this all carries over nice and neat to our day-to-day lives…

The creative journey teaches us that we can continually rewrite the narrative we live by.

We can ruthlessly cut out limiting thoughts just as we do blocks of text.

We can add new positive relationships just as we add new, interesting chapters.

And, if we’re brazen enough, we can even make swooping life changes just as we can entirely switch genres (I really want to publish more prose — and I’m terrified — but I’m sure I’ll grow past it soon enough).

This is the creative journey. I speak from the perspective of a writer, but any other art is the same thing.

We are the co-creators of our experience. Of our inner narrative.

As we create, we are created. As we change the narrative, our narrative changes.

What’s your internal narrative right now?

If you don’t realize that you can step outside of it, look at it, and mold it, you can easily become consumed by it.

Now, get back to work.

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