The world is out to get me

We carry such a strong mental filter everywhere we go that totally obscures our world. It’s called perception. And it can create heaven or hell out of our moment to moment depending on which way its wind blows.

Perception is something we mortals can’t really get around. It’s part of the human experience. The problem is, it’s often tainted with a highly personalized interpretation of the world.

We take everything so… Personally.

Most of our problems stem from the fact that we carry a highly personalized interpretation of events.

By doing this, we put our small, fickle ego-brains in charge of making our world. We place ourselves at the mercy of the bipolar maniac that is our monkey mind. We put the servant — our ego — in the driver seat and shoot him up with amphetamines.

Our weak, insecure, power-hungry ego takes center stage and we think everyone does what they do while considering us first — mostly our demise. It’s hyper-paranoia at its most absurd state and we believe it to be reality.

Here’s the thing. People hardly ever think about you. People hardly ever think about me. People pretty much only think about themselves unless we’re standing right in front of them. And even then, they still mostly only think of themselves.

If this makes you uncomfortable or left out, I ask you to consider how freeing this actually is. Personalizing your experience has its dangers. What if the world just… Was? What if you could just…. Be?

What if you could just zoom out and see the world you interact with in a way that didn’t put you at odds with it? What if we could just meet reality where it is instead of forcing our drama and horror stories on it?

This is where I want to be more often. I want to be fully available to my life. I want to live this wondrous experience moment, to moment, to incredible, whacky, random moment.

I think that’d be pretty spiffy.

Wait… You’re talking about me. I know you are.

Ugh… Damn it.

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