Not sure what to write about? Go and live a little.

I write (and share) every day.

It’s even more routine than brushing my teeth at this point (because sometimes, I’ll admit, I skip that).

I figure, like Seth Godin says, there’s no way you CAN’T say something — anything — every day, about… something.

Most of the time, I find he’s right. The more I do it, the easier it becomes.

But there are definitely other times where I sit down at the screen with nothing but white noise fuzzing between my ears.

I’ll eek out a few lines and realize that what I’ve just said is horridly bland.

It’s at these times when I know…

It’s time to start living more.

Yep, us writers slave in front of our screens, sentence by sentence, often times without coming up for air. The plants will die, the dog will go unfed, and the mail will stack up.

But here’s the thing. Being in front of your screen is a time for output. When you run out of output, you gotta get input. Aka, inspiration. Fuel for the creative’s fire.

Good writing material comes from getting out from behind the screen and living.

I know… It hurts.

We need. To keep. Working.

But, no.

Inspiration comes from being in the world. When inspiration runs dry, we need to step away from the work for awhile and talk to people. Be with family. Immerse ourselves back into our lives. Take a damn shower, for crying out loud.

Not to escape — not to abandon the work — but to refresh.

You’ve been exhaling too much. Time to inhale.

Our daily life (outside of writing) is the well to draw from for a refill of writing material.

It’s scary stepping away from the page. All those deadlines and so much to do.

But all that time worrying could be spent living. And then, hurrying back to the page when you feel full.

I guarantee you, you will come back refreshed and full of juicy goodness to spill onto the page.

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