Weaning ourselves from the security blanket of judgement


So much of our mental energy goes wasted on forcing judgement on the world that surrounds us.

Even when we’re not really trying to. It’s just something we do.

Extreme, compulsive judgement seems to be part of our default setting.

What if you were to let go of your judgement? How would that sit with you?

If you’re like me when I started exploring this concept, you might feel uneasy, vulnerable, or highly skeptical.

Judgement is a protective tool. It keeps us safe. If we stopped judging, it would be anarchy...


But riddle me this…

I want to ask you to explore how terrible we humans are at judging.

Seriously. Our track record stinks when it comes to judgement.

I just know they’re talking behind my back, planning my demise.
That guy I work with — the quiet one — he’s evil.
The economy is going to crash. Tomorrow.
I’ll never get accepted.
Good thing s/he got elected. Now it’ll all be okay.
I can afford this.
I can’t afford this.
I’m definitely going to be late and they’ll all surely hate me.

Let’s compare…

How often has your judgement lead you down a path of prosperity and joy?

And how often has it taken you down the back alley of your contrived notions of fear and darkness, for no reason at all?

Sure, you can say it keeps us alive. Sometimes. Like when we choose not to swim in the ocean with waves that big or to not walk down that alley past that guy brandishing a handgun and eating a Slim Jim (don’t all bad guys eat Slim Jim’s?).

But I’d argue that’s more of an instinct thing.

Judgement is the narrative of fear we needlessly cloak our reality with.

We cling to it like a safety blanket.

Judgement can actually cloud our instincts. We go against what they’re trying to tell us when we paint over them with the stories of our judgement.

Try releasing them.

It feels so good to come to grips with the fact that we’re just not that good at judgement. Letting it go is invigorating if you can just get past the fear.

Like the first time we took both hands off the handlebars as a kid and let the laws of nature propel us forward.

When we do this, we allow a higher truth to color our lives. When we set aside our judgements, we create room for inspiration. We begin living in a new, unexpected narrative instead of an old, tired nightmare.

It’s worth a try.

Look, Mom. No hands.

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