How to pattern-interrupt the universe

Sometimes I feel we bore the sh*t out of the universe.

Here we are, these unlimited creative beings, and we do the same things, moment after moment, day after day, year after year, and lifetime after lifetime.

We’re sickeningly predictable, us humans.

Fight. Flight. Food. And, well, you know the other F-word.

The gods gaze down at us, arms crossed, squinty-eyed…

…and they yawn.

Watching. Waiting to see something new, for a change.

Their disappointment looms large over the heavens. But then they see it.

Our job is to throw off the gods.

Picture this…

You’ve just been in a car crash. You rear-ended the guy in front of you. Nothing fatal. Just a rude awakening and a shakeup. But there’s broken glass and bent metal and your car isn’t looking so great.

Your heart races. Adrenaline starts to kick in. You’re fine. No blood or broken bones. So you get out of the car to go assess the damage.

The driver of the other car is okay. As you’re walking back to your car to get your insurance information, instead of freaking out, you look up to the sky spread your arms open, close your eyes and give a big thank you to the universe for being alive.

This is a pattern-interrupt (you internet marketers know exactly what I’m talking about here).

Who does that? You’ve just thrown the universe off big time.

The gods perk up. They lean over the railing to get a better look at you.

The universe now knows (and you now know) that it’s dealing with someone who wants to play ball in a big way. It’s dealing with someone who is open to the miraculous. And it will reciprocate in kind.

Throw the universe off as much as possible.

Facing a situation where you typically pop off and erupt in anger? Try to muster the self-awareness to just stop, feel your presence in your body, and do the opposite of what your lower self typically does.

That lonely old customer who always visits you, never buys anything, but loves to talk about herself. For hours. He stands in front of you and repeats the same long, slow story that he already told you twice this week.

Normally, right about now, you turn off, act busy, and hope he goes away.

Not today. Not now.

Stop what you’re doing and give him full attention. Get involved in the conversation. Lean forward. Make solid eye contact. Make him a priority.

Do you have any idea how this would make him feel? He hasn’t likely been a priority to anyone in years — maybe even decades.

And if you could actually enjoy it, it’d make that interaction far more transformative to you than him.

This is a pattern-interrupt. This is creative living at its finest.

The universe responds to this kind of thing in big ways. Your higher self is awoken out of its slumber. It comes to life fully and freely.

Go rock it.

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