I am creativity (and I owe you nothing)


I am creativity.

Yes, I’m a thing. An entity. A daemon. And I can enter any human being on the planet that I want, whenever I want.

Kind of different than how you’ve been thinking of me, isn’t it?

You, humanoid, have been taking all the credit.

And you sure ask a lot out of me.

You look to me to provide you with inspiration, feed your soul, and shine a light on the solutions to your problems.

You’ve even reached a point where you want me to provide you with a living. You hold me responsible for paying your rent, feeding your family, and buying shoes for your kid.

As much as you expect out of me, you sure don’t seem to reciprocate.

Look how easy you give up on me.

The first inkling you have that this whole ‘creativity thing’ isn’t going to work out, you ditch me. You cut and run towards a more ‘practical’ life, leaving me in the dust, alone.

Human. You have it backwards.

Instead of expecting me to provide for you, the way I see it is, you should do everything in your nature to provide for me.

The burgeoning writer who quits his job to write full-time with no money in savings is in for an unpleasant surprise. Much like the young man on prom night — if he can’t even pony up for dinner, he shouldn’t expect to get much action.

Creativity owes us nothing. When we ask too much out of it, it gladly goes to the next person who’s eager to support it.

For most of you reading this, when it comes to me — to creativity — it’s all take and no give.

You bitch and moan when I go away and you ask for the world when I show up.

I can energetically visit any human I want. Why the hell would I want to hang around someone like you?.

I’d rather be around the gal who waits tables 6 nights a week so she can freely allow me to express through her pen without the fear (my mortal enemy) of not being able to make her rent.

If she showed up for me like this, night after night, and supported me through thick and thin, I just may see her as someone I’d want to enter into a long-term committed relationship with. And I’d reward her greatly.

I am creativity. I’m a muse. I can have anyone I want.

Playing hard to get will get you nowhere.

// Hat tip to @GilbertLiz and her new book, Big Magic for the inspiration for this piece.

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