An indifferent universe

Terrifying or empowering?

It’s easy to feel that the universe is singling us out sometimes.

Why me, God?!

This is horrible. I asked for no cheese. I drive up to the window, get my food, drive away, unwrap that puppy, dig in, and wouldn’t you know it?…


APPARENTLY the universe has my number. Why must the gods frown on me so?


(Yes, I’ve pretty much followed the above script on several occasions. It’s pathetic, I know.)

We can also take it to the other extreme.

Other days, it feels like we’ve hit the cosmic lottery. Everything goes our way. We get the job, make the sale, finish the project before deadline, and realize the cheese has been appropriately left off by those hard young workers behind the window.

Hot diggity. I must be doing something right. The lord and all her greatness shines down on me.

But let me throw a big what-if your way…

What if the universe doesn’t really give a sh*t?

How would that make you feel?

Sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it? Ominous. Like we’re being abandoned.

Our specialness is suddenly gone.

Having the ability to get in good with the big guy upstairs can seem like a better option, even if we get ‘punished’ sometimes. (At least, then, we have someone/something to blame.)

Or does the possibility of an indifferent universe set you free?

If you knew that you had all you needed and it was up to you to make the most of this human experience with no restraints other than impersonal natural laws — would the responsibility be too much to bear?

Or would you dance?

This cheese is really hard to get off once it melts.

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