The vow to creativity

Right now it’s 11:15 pm. I’ve been sitting here for almost two hours trying to conjure up an idea good enough to share with you.

I’d start on something. And then I’d murder it.


I actually closed this laptop twice in those last two hours, dead set on packing it in for the night.

But I’d sit there for a second in the silence. Soon, it would happen again.

Bang! A new idea.

Start writing again.

Nope. Lame. Delete.

Close the laptop again.

But here I am. Writing these words. Because this idea — the one I’m about to reveal — just might make it through alive.

Rory is crying now from the other room. Alex just went in with her, but it’s not getting better.

I get nervous when this happens. I feel like I should lend a hand. Not just sit here and write.

But I’m going to plow through. Because this idea is the one I must fight for. It must make it to you. Come hell or high-pitched shriek from toddler.

The idea I want to share with you is this…

Start right where you are.

When you make your vow to creativity, your biggest commitment is to show up.

It’s not always going to be the ‘right time’. Hell, it hardly ever is.

Sometimes you’ll have to squeeze your craft into the nooks and crannies of life.

Got 15 minutes? Awesome! Have a kid? That 15 minutes might turn into 8. Max.

But that’s okay. You showed up. And you’ll have another go at it ASAP.

Don’t give yourself such high expectations. Don’t wait for the perfect sunrise to pull out that pencil and notepad. Pull it out while you’re occupying stall #2 at work (you DO have a pocket notepad, don’t you?).

This is how it goes. If you don’t do it when you can do it, you’ll never do it.

Here it is. The end of this piece.

It wasn’t easy. Never is. But it got written. This idea made it through the interwebs to you. I stand victorious.

Rory has stopped screaming.

The night is quiet.

All is right with the world.

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