The strength in gentleness

Flying off the handle is easy to do. Really no effort or heightened awareness required. (Do you have kids? Then you know what I mean.)

Being gentle is where the true strength lies.

The concept of harm is a fear-based ego mechanism. Nothing can be achieved through it except for confusion, anger, and suspicion.

One who harms is projecting a belief that she can be harmed (so she’d better inflict harm first).

If we’re acting from the body senses — from ego — that would make sense.

Nothing in the physical world is safe.

Nope. There’s always someone with a bigger gun than you. Or a bigger house than you. Or a bigger temper than you. If not now, tomorrow.

We harm out of fright and insecurity. We flinch. We snap.

But if we’re acting from that place within us that rises above our ego — the place that can never be harmed — we know the idea of harm is a false notion.

Who we really are is always safe, thus always gentle.

Gentleness comes from a place of absolute safety and invincibility.

To be gentle is to be fearless.

Gentleness knows no opposition. It is one with all.

Our true strength lies in our gentleness. And our gentleness lies in knowing that who we really are is always safe.

Give the world a big cuddle, will ya?

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