The mirror

The mirror doesn’t play favorites.

The mirror doesn’t have it out for us.

The mirror can’t make exceptions.

When you hold something in front of a mirror, it reflects back exactly what we hold in front of it.

If we shift it to the left, it moves left.

If we shift it to the right — you guessed it — it moves right.

You can’t fake the mirror out.

You can’t trick the mirror.

You can’t hold up a styrofoam cup and get a gold nugget reflected back at you.

See where I’m going with this?

Life is the perfect mirror.

Our words, beliefs, and actions are the objects we hold in front of it.

The conditions of our life is the reflection.

Sometimes we have a bad hair day.

But that’s never the mirror’s fault.

The mirror doesn’t care one way or the other.

It just stands there before us and reflects.

I gotta take care of these nose hairs.

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