Scared of the light

Think of someone you know. Doesn’t matter who. First person who comes to mind.

When you talk to them, are you talking to them or to the illusion of them that lives in the past?

Especially if you have ‘beef’ with that person. It’s with these particular people that the smog of the past is so thick we can barely see the reality of the person before us now.

The ego would preserve your nightmares, and prevent you from awakening and understanding they are past.
-A Course In Miracles

How frightening is it to drop that past story? To totally forget about the times that person may have betrayed or abused you?

“Forgive but never forget,” they say…

As ‘strong’ as that sounds, it inhibits the healing that the present moment provides.

Living in the light of the present moment releases us from our past — an illusory state that is no more.

We can shine our light only in the infinite moment of “now”. Now is where the concept of time dissolves and eternity resides.

Only the shining moment of “now” provides us the opportunity to release our future from the nightmares of our past.

Why are we so scared of the light of this moment? Why are we so frightened to set down the stories of the past?

Like the Course goes on to say, our ego extends the nightmares of our past to the present and keeps them alive for the future.

Try giving a miracle a chance. Shed that past story. That supposed shroud of protection is nothing but a fraud designed by our lower selves to keep us in our very own hell.

Be not afraid of the light of now.


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