What future do you belong to?


Kind of an interesting way to frame it, isn’t it?

The future can be an elusive thing. We don’t like to think about it too much. Stresses us out.

It’s so much easier to just stay in this little comfort zone of ours and keep chuggin’ along.

You know… Nose to the grindstone, baby. Play it safe.

Ugh. Gag me with a spatula. Please.

Do yourself a favor. Take an hour to sit down alone and do this work. You’ll thank me later…

We humans perform incredibly well when we dedicate our lives to something bigger than ourselves.

In that theatre of your mind, as you’re sitting down, see the exact future that’s worthy of You. Not the small, fearful, hesitant you. But the Big You who knows no limitation.

That’s who I’m talking to right now.

Dedicate yourself to a future picture that’s worthy of you.

This vision must achieve two things…

  1. It’s realistic — If you’re a short 50-year-old overweight CPA who’s been sitting at a desk for the last 30 years, your vision of playing in the NBA might be a bit of a stretch. Keep it real. Seeing yourself as a healthier, happier, more fulfilled version of you — that’s what I’m talking about. You gotta believe it. It’s impossible to bullsh*t yourself.
  2. It’s scary — Not a bad kind of scared. Not a scared that makes you shrink in terror. But the kind of scared that brings an evil grin to your face. A moment-before-the-roller-coaster-takes-off kind of scared. This is the good stuff.

Enlist all 5 or 6 senses to build this future in your mind.

So sit down and see it. Feel it. Taste it.

It helps to write it out. Journal about it. You can even sketch it or clip pictures out of a magazine that go along with the vision. These things make it more concrete than just thinking about it.

Then… (Ready?)

Surrender yourself to it.

You’ve created this thing — this vision of the future — that’s bigger than you. (Also know that it will be an evolving thing.)

Now, you just have to lean back and let it draw you towards it.

Feel it pulling? Good. Don’t fight it.

Jump in. Commit to it. Lay down your old life for it.

What future do you belong to?

Living any other future is an injustice.

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