Don’t look for the reason. Assign it.

We can spend years hashing and re-hashing the past just to try to find a reason.

Why did they do that to me?
Why did she look at me like that?
Why did he treat me that way?
Why didn’t that thing work out?

Just show me the reason, God! Why?!

Been there.

But once your heart stops racing and you wipe the shards of glass off your bloody kneecaps, what you must realize is the reason is not out there. It never is.

You assign it. Whether you know it or not. Whether you want to or not.

You assign the meaning to everything (yes, everything) whether you know it or not.

Even if someone else tells us the ‘reason’ for why something happened — if we believe it, we’re assigning it.

We have the final say. There is no organic meaning in anything. We make the meaning.

Might as well do it consciously if we’re going to do it anyways.

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