What are you teaching?


We’re all teachers.

To teach simply means to demonstrate.

In every moment, we’re demonstrating to the world — and to ourselves — who we are and who others are to us.

We’re either teaching a lesson of fear, or a lesson of love, according to our beliefs and perceptions.

Here’s another thing about teaching…

Teaching is the ultimate form of learning.

Yep. We learn what we teach.

I’m talking about a different kind of teaching here than in the classroom, lecture hall, or workshop.

I’m talking about teaching through living. Through how we show up moment by moment in our world. Through just being.

In this kind of teaching, the content of the lesson doesn’t matter. It matters not whether you’re flipping burgers, shuffling paper, fighting fires, counting your mounds of money, or waiting in an unemployment line.

What matters is the underlying beingness of your living lesson. The words and actions don’t matter as much as the energy beneath them. How are we carrying ourselves moment to moment?

We’re always in front of the class. Even as we sleep.

Always teaching. Always learning. This is the infinite feedback loop.

Now, we can do this unconsciously (which we usually do) or consciously (which is where the challenge lies).

When done unconsciously, we tend to teach the curriculum of fear. We react to external stimuli and feel separated from our creative nature.

However, when done consciously, we can make the choice to grab the pen and write our own lesson plan. It’s then that we can step into our creativity and teach a curriculum of abundance and joy. We can light up the world — and ourselves — through our lesson plan.

The more we consciously teach from a lesson plan of love, the more we learn Who We Really Are, which makes our curriculum expand into limitless beauty and fullness.

Here’s the kicker, though…

No one writes our lesson plan for us. No one else really cares.

Not only that, but when we look up, we see there’s no students in our class.

It’s then we realize that the only student in the classroom is us.

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