Brevity is beautiful

School trains us to fill up pages and pages with noise so we can reach the minimum required pages for the assignment.

Even in our verbal exchanges with each other, many of our words are useless takers-up of space to fill the air with more wind from our lungs than the person we’re talking with.

So many trees killed, ink wasted, and air polluted.

(I have no scientific data that shows we pollute the air through talking, but just go with it, will ya?)

This is a great practice...


Brevity is beautiful.

We humans feel the need to be long-winded. But, on the receiving end, most of us like it brief. Clear. Intentional. No fluff.

Even the Universe likes it brief. The most effective prayers are consisted of one word. One emotion. One mental/emotional shift.

Give it to us full. Bold. But don’t short-change us.

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