The 3 qualities of miracle-mindedness

According to A Course In Miracles, we need three things to help us achieve miracle-mindedness. By miracle-mindedness, we’re talking about full alignment with Spirit. With unlimited potential. With the highest version of ourselves.

Ya know… If you’re into that kind of thing…

First thing’s first.

We have to be ready to listen.

You must be ready for Spirit. You have to make room for that intuitive download. Clean house. Dump the trash. Kick the unwelcome guests out. Whatever you gotta do to be ready.

In order to be aligned with Spirit, we must first make room for the miraculous.

Secondly, we have to be willing to learn.

You have to be willing to accept whatever you hear from Spirit. Whatever your Soul is wanting to express, you have to be willing to learn. You’re a student. An empty cup. Those failures come into focus as what they really are — stepping stones toward accomplishment. Which leads us to our third step…

Finally, we have to be able to do.

You’ve done it. You’ve acted on Spirit. You’ve dumped the deadbeat, quit the lame job, got a haircut, started the project, etc. It scared the crap outta you. But you did it. And you grew. You’ve been there and done that. You’ve got the chops, Busta.

Ready to listen, willing to learn, and able to do. Get these three qualities down and you’ll be working miracles in short order.

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