Creativity is not a hobby

Many people separate their creativity from their life.

My job goes here. My family goes there. My health fits in here.

Aaaaandd I’ll paint/sculpt/write/speak/create when I have chance over here. On the weekends. When I have nothing else to do.

Creativity becomes something we dabble in… You know… When we can.

When we’re not doing other, more important stuff.

I want you to try something…

First of all…

Put. The paintbrush. Down.

You can pick it up later.

For right now, get me when I say this…

The biggest canvas you’ll ever have is your day-to-day life.

You are a constantly creating being. Yes, constantly. That’s a big word.

So, ask yourself, if your life was your blank canvas…

How would you paint your sunrises?
Your dinners with family?
Your drive to work?
Your money?
Your health?
The way you talk to yourself and others?

We create whether we realize it or not. Non-stop. And, as cheesy as it sounds, our world truly is our canvas.

Paint that piece with purpose, Picasso

(You’re welcome for that alliteration, btw.)

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