Life is a process of creation, not discovery

Sometimes, in life, we hit transition periods. (For some of us, this happens many times.)

One career path is going great and then, bam! We hit a wall.

Gotta back this beast up and pick another direction.

When going through one of these periods, it’s easy to look at the ‘you’ of the past and make your decision from there.

Oh, I’m really good at X and Y so I should do Z.

This could work. If you take the right assessments and personality tests or if you have keen self-awareness, you can learn a lot about who you are up to this moment. And you might find a ‘thing’ that fits.

But you might be limiting yourself…

Life is not a process of discovery, it’s a process of creation
-Neale Donald Walsch

Try not looking back at the ‘you’ of the past. Try looking towards the ‘you’ of the future.

Every day — every moment — is a chance to create your life anew.

Evolution doesn’t come from staying static. Growth doesn’t come from living the strengths of the old you. It comes from feeling where your inner-pull is dragging you and seeing which areas you need to expand in order to fit that new container.

It might be frightening. But that’s your old ‘you’ freaking out. Your future ‘you’ is cheering you from the sidelines.

Hear it?


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