Don’t oppose. Compose.

If we were to take an honest emotional inventory of our day, we’d see that much of our creative superpowers are being directed at banging our heads against a proverbial wall.

We fight things. Worry about them. Judge them.

We try to predict the future (which always shows up as a doomsday scenario).

But you know what Jung said about that,

What you resist persists.
-C.G. Jung

You might be saying something like this…

Oh yeah, wise guy? Well, I got 99 problems. What do you suggest I do, huh? Just take it? No way, man, I don’t take sh*t from…

Woah, easy there, Rocky.

First of all, did you just call me a ‘wise guy’?

I thought so… I like your style.

In all seriousness, though, you’re probably wondering how exactly you’re supposed to deal with those “99 problems” that seem to flood our lives. Do you just take them on the chin?

And I say…

Stop opposing and start COMPOSING.

First, compose yourself.

Next, compose the picture you want to see in your world.

When you oppose your life, you sustain what you’re fighting. When you compose your life, you create what’s going to take its place.

When you fight things, you give them a chance to dig in their heels. You give them the resistance they need to resist you back. This turns into a vicious loop of resistance until you break, burn out, or get beat down (we almost always lose in the tussle with our demons when we try to fight them head-on).

But when you compose, you become unstoppable. You don’t stop at failure. You compose through it. You keep modifying, modifying, modifying. You constantly think about and act on what you’re wanting to create.

You don’t give an ounce of your creative energies to the evil forces that seem to consume you. Instead, you focus your energies on making what you want out of it.



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