Here’s to 100 straight posts

I’ve never used this ‘letter’ feature, but I just realized that I recently hit a pretty groovy landmark, so now I have a reason to send you one. I just reached my 100th post (actually, I’m at 101 now ) in a row. Every day since May 7th, I’ve been posting my higher thoughts to my aptly named Medium publication, Higher Thoughts.

Thanks for following it. You’ve changed my life. I lacked a creative mission before May 7th. Now, I have one. And I don’t see it stopping soon. I can’t imagine missing a day.

I thought that if I were to take on the practice of writing every day, I’d eventually run out of things to write about. Now I see that I’ve proved to myself that our Creative Source is infinite. The more we drill down into it, the more it flows. It might start out as a trickle, but it grows into a geyser.

I used to write on my personal Wordpress blog. After three years, I got up to about 30 readers. Medium has allowed me the… erm… medium… to reach people like you whom I’d never have the pleasure of meeting were it not for the platform. For that, I’m grateful. Thanks, Ev and team Medium.

It’s so great to see that my little daily maxims are resonating with you and people like you. Looking at the follower count, we’re currently at 5.7K. That’s not bad for being up and running for only a little over 3 months. I’m so completely blown away that my work strikes a chord in your soul. Your voice has given me even more fuel for the fire.

I’m very responsive, so please shoot me a response, a note, or a tweet if you ever feel compelled to do so.

Fair warning: If you’re a douche tray, I will block and flag you to the ends of the Earth. Disagreeing with me is fine, but in the words of Marie Forleo, taking a steaming dump on my living room floor is not ok.

Higher Thoughts has taken on a life of its own and I have some higher ideas for the publication and the work I do in the future (coming soon). But for now, I hope you enjoy my daily musings, meditations, maxims, and essays.

To get my essays in your email inbox (warning, they come daily — but they’re damn good and most won’t take but a few minutes of your time to read), please subscribe via email here. You’ll also occasionally get fun stuff that regular Medium readers won’t have access to as well as updates on the new stuff I was eluding to earlier. I take your email into high esteem and would never abuse the privilege.

And thanks again for being awesome and reading and supporting my work. I pour my soul into this work every single day. If it wasn’t for your voice and your attention, I’d be trapped in an echo chamber — which seems quite unenjoyable if you ask me.

Here’s to the next hundred. And beyond. Talk soon…

As Ever,

Jonas Ellison