We can say no

When a seed rests in fertile soil and has plenty of sunlight and rain, it does one thing. It grows into full expression.

The seed has no choice. No volition. It’s perfectly aligned with nature.

But as for humans — we’re a different animal.

We can say no.

Silly humans… We can look our next highest thought dead in the eyes before turning it the cold shoulder. We can see, as clear as day, what the highest vision of ourselves would do in any particular situation and we can tell ourselves we’re not actually that good.


We can say no and reject the creative forces that strive to impel us forward.

Why do we do this?

I can’t say exactly, but I think I have a pretty good idea.

We think it’s too much damn work. Look at all the things we’ve tried, and failed at. Our life is littered with disappointments.

Frankly, we’re tired…

Well, we need to cut ourselves some slack. An embryo doesn’t have to figure out how to become a baby. No one has to take on the tedious, grueling duties of ‘growing’ the little alien-looking thing into a full-blown adult.

But it happens.

No, we can’t rush it.

Sure, that embryo, like the seed, will need perfect conditions. It will have to survive. But if it can do that, it will grow into a newborn baby. Then a toddler. As it learns to walk, it will fall, again and again. It may even tumble down a concrete set of stairs and the parents will freak out and take it to the emergency room only to be told she’s fine (or is that just our kid?).

But soon, it will walk just fine (with a few skinned knees here and there). And run. And fly.

This is nature. It may not look pretty, but we can trust it.

All we must do, then, is say yes to it.

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