Never settle with fear

A course in Miracles defines the healing of a belief as taking a perceived fear and turning it into one of love (I’m paraphrasing, of course).

It’s easy to get it twisted and think we should just learn to love it, or settle.

However, this concept of healing is far more cunning than this.

These flawed beliefs often take root from unfavorable experiences. Something happens to us and through our perception, we take it on as an internal flesh wound.

By hanging on to the beliefs that emerge from these experiences, we effectively pour salt in them. So they form scars that can stick around for a lifetime.

What we’re after today is a clean, full, speedy healing.

So, what happens when you skin your knee?

You bleed. And you get a scab.

Healing isn’t the act of getting a nicer scab. It’s about letting the scab fall away altogether and having it replaced with fresh, new, healed flesh.

(Pardon the graphic nature of that analogy. We’re done with the gore for now.)

We must be ruthless towards our flawed beliefs. We must coldly leave them behind, never looking back at them.

They’re absolutely useless.

The only way to handle a flawed, negative, fear-based belief is to coldly walk away from it and leave it for dead.

Be cold in this. Like the heartless assassin who picks off one ‘assignment’ after the other, the only effort that should be put towards a flawed belief is the moment before squeezing the trigger. One shot, one kill.

(Please, I’m not condoning the work of a hit-man, although it’s good work if you can get it and it does make for excellent movies and analogies in Medium stories.)

But this is where the work begins. After the old thought is released of its life force (which can only come from you), it must be replaced with a new one. One that carries life, light, and power. One that is life-affirming and elevating.

But for now, at least you know where to put those crosshairs.

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