On being more yourself today than you were yesterday

What a maxim to live by.

At every moment, the real you is bursting at the seams to find expression in the world.

Most of the time, we don’t nearly do it justice.

We try to be someone we’re not. Someone who we think someone else wants us to be.

We seek comfort in leveling down and hunkering back into old modes of being just to get by without making too much of a ruckus.

We listen to the ancient part of our brain that strives to keep us alive by triggering us to play along with the tribe so as to not get alienated and left for dead outside the warm campfire circle.

But a certain part of us knows by now that this won’t do…

There’s an ever-present higher part of ourselves that yearns to emerge which is well beyond survival.

It’s into unfoldment and evolution. Of unlimited creativity, irreverence, and living with unabashed plentitude.


The key is getting into full alignment with our real selves and allowing it to wreak beautiful havoc on our world.

This part of us knows, moment to moment, whether or not we’re in alignment. Close your eyes after reading this paragraph and settle back into the recesses of your quiet mind. Then, ask yourself this... Are you living Your life? Not your boss’s life, your dad’s life, your spouse’s life, or your in-laws’ life. Your life.

Just a warning, though. This higher us, the real us, when let out of its shell, has been known to destroy day jobs, unabashedly set fire to toxic relationships, put an abrupt end to self pity, and obliterate any excuses that may have kept us living a lame (albeit comfortable) existence.

This starts from a feeling place. We begin this alignment by carrying ourselves in the world differently. We level-up our mental equivalent in the here and now and present our true selves to the world no matter what our external situation is.

If we can do this more today than we did yesterday, we’ve succeeded. Same as for tomorrow and every day after that. This is work. We might not make it every day. But if we set the intention, we can at least give ourselves a chance.

Sound scary? Or does it sound fun? I think the real you would say the latter.

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