How to get out of bed

I want to change the way you get out of bed.

No, I’m not talking about those bunny slippers or the race car sheets. Keep those. They’re pretty great…

I’m talking about how you approach the day.

Most times, we wake up concerned with how the world will treat us that day.

We kick things off knowing we’re about to face a world that comes at us full-speed. We’ll soon be required to keep all the balls up in the air that the world feels like throwing at us.

With what little power we can muster, we immediately start running through a list of requirements, wishes, and demands on the external events we’re about to expose ourselves to…

Geez, hopefully the temperature is ok today.
Really wish people were nicer to me.
Sure would be nice to have more money.
Hope the politicians are making sure the economy doesn’t crash again.
Hope my sex life stays on-point.
Hopefully I can achieve perfect, everlasting health.
Hope traffic flows perfectly today. Really hate those red lights.
Wish my kid would listen to everything I say and never make mistakes.

…the list goes on. And on.

Sound like the start of a fulfilling day? I’m not sure about you, but I see the first letdown coming by the time you finish your first cup of coffee.

When we do this, we’re basing our happiness on the shifting sands of external conditions.

Most of our lives, we’ve been living from the auspice of our survival-based reptilian brain. The one our society is steeped in that’s focused on getting, hoping, reacting, defending, and recoiling. It’s our default setting.

But there’s a way to turn things up to the next level so we can start flowing with life as opposed to battling it every morning.

Get back in bed. Try this again…

Know this…

Unlike our reptilian brain, which is in the business of knee-jerk reactions and false safety, our Higher Minds are built to create.

Our souls are designed to manifest reality from the inside-out.

If you want your world to start reacting to YOU, you need to realize that you create conditions through your perception, beliefs, and actions.

That horrible work environment you walked through yesterday? If you could heal your perception this morning (which is what we’re doing a little bit of right now), you could walk through the same place today, and it would look and feel totally healed.

If you believed — truly believed — in your creative superpowers to transform your world, you could see solutions today where yesterday you saw problems. You could see peace today where yesterday you saw drama. You could feel autonomy today where yesterday you felt suffocated.

Stop trying to work with the world ‘out there’. It’s a fool’s game. Start working with the only reality there is — the one in your consciousness.

Be the presence you want to feel. Bring the gifts into the world that you’ve been disappointedly expecting from it.

You are the fountain from which your world emerges. You run into trouble when you believe you’re the drain.

Feel better? Now, go get ‘em Champ.

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