Ripping the keys out of the fingers of your ego

The ego never has enough.

It constantly fears running out of stuff and yearns for more. More. More.

Like a parasite on our creative life forces, it relentlessly gnaws away at the host body until it drains it of all life.

It’s never at ease. No matter where we are or what we’re doing.

It craves more. It wants differently. It becomes uncomfortable and restless.

Even when the ego gets what it wants, it never gets everything it wants because it always wants more.

Soon, it may even become fortunate enough to amass great worldly wealth. Properties all over the world. Politicians in its pockets. Careless relationships strewn about major cities of the world…

And it still… craves… more.

When you are traveling on a road, there must be an end; but when astray, your wanderings are limitless.


The ego is much like the lost traveller. Always going. Always straying. Rerouting. No signal. No direction. Just flooring it in whatever direction it happens to be pointed in at the time.

Our Higher Self always has a destination. And it enjoys the drive. It rolls down the window and hangs its elbow out as the breeze passes through.

When it gets there, it enjoys its time. It makes the most out of it, even if the destination isn’t quite what it was cracked up to be. And when it wants to head out to another place, it does — not out of necessity or a blind hunger for more, but out of curiosity and expansion.

I’m tossing you the keys. Where we headed?

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