How to slay a dragon

Dreams are amazing, aren’t they?

An image pops into the screen of your mind, as if from another realm.

This usually happens when we’re in some kind of receptive state when our conscious minds are altered, turned off, or distracted.

Dreams happen most often when we’re sleeping, driving, or showering. But they can also happen when we’re mind numbingly pouring through TPS reports under fluorescent lighting or vegging out watching that episode of Friends for the hundredth time where Joey puts a turkey on his head (or am I the only one who still watches Friends?).

Bang! There it is…

An insight. A vision. An adventure of epic proportions.

It grabs you and whisks you away, sweeping you off your feet, and taking you with it.

You’re thrilled beyond belief. Yes! This is it! This is what I’m going to do next!

And then, like clockwork, it appears… The dragon.

Most every fairy tale has one — either in the form of a real dragon, a big bad wolf, or an evil queen — something of the sort.

In our dream, this dragon appears as a doubt, uncertainty, insecurity or fear of some sort.

Just like that, you’ve gone from thrilled to terrified. And the challenge is set.

If you don’t act on your dream, the dragon remains real forever.

You’ve made the choice of defeat. You’ve shrunk from the fire billowing out of the dragon’s nostrils. You’ve dug your sword in the sand and bowed your head to it in defeat. And you head back to that horrible job, make that deadbeat another lunch like his mother used to do, or hang out with those same energy-draining friends…

The dragon remains firmly in place.

Or, you can act. You can take the first step straight at that thing. You may not know how the battle will play out. But if you have more faith in yourself than the dragon , you’ll grab your sword and take a solid swipe at it.

If you make this latter choice, here’s what you’ll likely find…

Dragons are perpetuated by fear and turned to dust by action.

When we act on our dreams, we find that the fire-breathing dragons were nothing more than shadows. Our confidence skyrockets, our souls sing, and miracles make their way into our experience.

Sometimes things don’t work out. But it’s hardly ever a face full of fire like we expected.

Grab that Excalibur, Art. Saddle that mighty steed. And lead the way.

*Inspired by Mike Dooley and one of his brilliant Notes from the Universe

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