Deliberate faith

Let’s come to grips with it. Faith is a thing. All of us have it and use it as a tool, whether we admit it or not. From the most fervent Bible-thumper to the most practical atheist, all of us make a declaration of what we rest our faith in with every thought, word, and deed we create.

When the world comes crashing down, we have full creative license to place our faith in what just happened. We can bow to the shrine of calamity and let the event(s) dictate our fates. No one’s stopping us. (At least no one’s stopped me yet…)

Or, we can feel our way through the muck until we transcend it and place our faith in solutions rooted in love, no matter how buried or swept away we feel.

We can know that our true creative powers comes from the inside-out, not the other way around.

I know, it seems stupid. Especially when you’re in it up to your elbows.

The last thing you need to rely on is something as blind as faith. You need results. Pronto.

But here’s the thing…

Faith isn’t blind, it’s far-sighted.

Like any muscle, faith must be exercised. It’s easy to have faith in the material world around us and the fearful circumstances we so often find ourselves in right here and now. That takes no creative swollness at all to achieve. And soon enough, we become barely able to rack the bar.

But with repeated, deliberate love-based faith — when we become a visionary instead of a victim — we expand our consciousness every time we exercise it. We go all-in on our higher good and that good just gets bigger and bigger.

Sure it hurts sometimes. No pain, no gain, right?

Feel the burn? Keep going.

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