You are safe

Flip it to the first person, close your eyes, and say it to yourself.

Try to mean it.

“I am safe.”

How amazing does that feel?

A part of you probably feels like you’re lying to yourself. That’s okay, just give yourself a few minutes to fully imagine what it‘s like to really feel… Safe.

Maybe you’ve never actually felt safe before. Many of us haven’t.

How many times did someone sit you down when you were a kid, look you in the eyes, and say…

“You are safe.”

If this happened to you, count yourself extremely fortunate because you grew up with some higher-level people.

Sure never happened to me, but I just started doing it with my daughter and she can’t even talk yet. I feel it calms her. Like a part of her is soothed by the energy those words carry.

Our physical births are bloody, violent, chaotic events and it doesn’t seem to slow down from there.

For most of us, while we’re growing up, we’re handed the endless list of stuff we have to do in order to survive. And every authority figure we meet along our paths only add to this list.

So we go through life with the root belief that we’re not okay. When the focus is on survival, we live knee-jerk reaction to knee-jerk reaction. From one scared moment to the next.

How do we possibly create anything awesome from that perspective?

If we want to make art, if we want to be generous, if we want to connect and do great things, we have to live from this higher place. We. Are safe.

Something about it feels right. Like your lips are uttering something in alignment with a higher part of your soul.

It’s a creative action. One that doesn’t stem from the physical world around you. You can be in the middle of a disaster, but if you close your eyes for a few minutes and repeat it to yourself, your heart will stop racing, your shoulders will relax, your hands will open, and if even for a tiny window of time, you will be… Safe.

Now, you can start making some creative decisions. Now, your thoughts are unchained from external events. Now, you are safe.

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