Bored of perfection

Funny how it works, isn’t it?

We start with a problem. This problem transmutes into a desire. Then we come up with a vision of a solution. Next, we act on that vision. And, finally, we manifest it into the world.

We’re done. Voila. This is awesome!

Feels nice, doesn’t it? Let’s kick our heels up and enjoy this perfect thing we’ve…

Oh… wait...

Ya know what, let’s tweak just this one little thing here. And there. And there.

There. It’s perfect. Finito! We’re done, right?

Nope. Not so much…

We humans easily grow bored of perfection.

Yet we chase it like we’ll be finished when we get there. Like there’s some sort of finish line that, once we cross, we’ll FINALLY be satisfied.

It’s only when we reach that finish line when we realize that it was just a mirage.

And another finish line appears far down the road.

When we reach our highest version of perfect, another one will always emerge.

This is what makes this adventure we’ve put ourselves in so fun, though, isn’t it? We’re always creating. Always manifesting. Always wanting and making better and more.

No need to get frustrated. Or greedy. There will always be more.

Where to next?

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