Never apologize for what you do well

Or what you love, but do badly

When people tell us we’re really good at something we often shrug it off. We discount it and cower from it for the sake of ‘being humble’.

After all, we wouldn’t want to be ‘too big for our britches’ would we?

If this is you, I’m calling you out.

Feeling too big for your britches?

Take those bad boys off and go commando on life.


Stand in your truth and know that you’re not taking anything from anyone else by living your greatness, creating amazing stuff, and pushing your world to new heights with an unabashed smile.

Side-note: If you see winning as building the biggest building, good on ya. Build that thing. But if you see winning as tearing other’s buildings down, you’ll soon find your building leveled because you were too busy paying attention to everyone else’s.

Be ok with the enormity of life.

The stuff you do well — don’t apologize for it. Be it.

Some people might resent you, but who cares about them? You don’t want them around anyway.

Living this way will automatically filter your friends. The friends you want around are the ones who are fine with the awesome version of you, no matter how great it is or how bad it sucks (for now — it will always get better, even if it gets worse first).

We don’t want your apology. Stop making it seem like we do.

Accept our praise with a smile. Discard our snickers and sneers. And do it hugely. Unashamedly.

See you at the top.

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