Are you strong enough to be weak enough?

It’s funny how certain community leaders handle a horrid event like a shooting or a bombing. In the same-day’s press event, they urge the community to start the healing process and move on.

You probably know someone or ten who are this way. You come to them with a problem, and it’s…

Well, take it on the chin. Way it goes. What can you do? Best to move on…


How about we try sitting with it for a bit? At least a day or two.

Let’s feel what this thing feels like. Let’s fully acknowledge what happened.

There is no way out, but through.

When we don’t feel our wounds, when we don’t let them air out, they get infected and rot us from the inside.

The best art comes from the other side of the pain. From going through that dark cavern, coming out the other side, and creating from that place of reacquainting with the light.

If we haven’t been through the whole thing, how can we share the whole thing with others?

We can’t.

We can guess. We can speculate. But something will be missing.

So let your heart get fully crushed. Let the knuckles dig deep into your jawbone. And then bring yourself back into joy to heal and share your adventures to inspire others with your art so they, too, can get through their dark caverns.

Don’t shirk from any of it. I know this is what our fathers may have deemed to be weak.

Are you strong enough to be this weak?

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