The wisdom in not knowing

We seek. We scour the internet.

We read every book — on the train, over coffee, in bed, at work, and on the toilet (or is that just me?).

We watch the PBS specials. The TED talks. The YouTube interviews.

We listen to the audiobooks.

We see the case studies. The testimonials. And the suggestions from friends.

It piles up. All this… Knowledge fodder.

But all the while, there’s a certain truth that we know we can’t change, no matter how much we learn through this kind of knowledge.

No matter how much we chase it, the knowledge we gain will never be enough.

As disappointing as this is, it’s best that we come to grips with it. The real growth happens when we can live with the things we don’t know, what we have no control over, and what brings us pain — and still make a deliberate choice for living the sh*t out of life regardless.

Learning is great. Knowledge is awesome. I’m not saying we should just stop striving to know more about this crazy existence. I’m merely suggesting we relax a bit. That we go about it with more of a curious, adventurous approach rather than an adamant mission — come hell or high water — to figure it all out right damn now.

Try it out. Start relaxing into life and moving with it. To surf its currents instead of fighting against them. When we do this, we can enjoy each and every season life brings to our window. Then we can be open to being transformed not by knowledge, but by experience.

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