Living on Easy Street

A dangerous experiment

What I’m about to describe to you is extremely dangerous. Please, don’t try this at home unless you’ve put the upmost thought and preparation into it. As you’ll see, it is incredibly irresponsible, irrational, and nonsensical.

I’m going to conduct a living experiment of — gulp — living life with ease.

I know. I’m crazy throwing caution to the wind like I am, but after some recent revelations, I figure it’s time.

Am I financially liquid?

Not even close. Right now, if you saw my bank balance, you’d freak.

That said, I don’t care. I’m moving to Easy Street regardless.

I refuse to do anything if it smells of ‘work’, ‘hassle’, ‘strain’ or ‘struggle’. I’ve already tried that. I know that I’m much more creatively effective when I’m in a state of ease instead.

From here on out, I refuse to sacrifice any of my good for the ‘greater good’ of someone/something else. Sure, I guess I’ll pay my taxes, but only because living in a federal penitentiary makes me feel… well… uneasy.

I vow to walk into every situation I can with a state of unrelenting, unabashed, and unashamed ease.

I don’t care if I get t-boned by a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. If I’m still alive, I’ll return to this state of ease as quickly as possible.

I understand that a byproduct of bringing this state of ease with me wherever I go is, in turn, a state of ease in the people around me. Although it’s not the main reason I’m doing it, the fact remains that when people around me are in this state, it’s easier for me too. It’s a loop of ease.

So for the 87-year old who may have just t-boned me, he can thank me later.

If friends or family want me to do something, I vow to check in with myself first to make sure I can access this state of ease first. If I can, I know it’s something I should do. If I feel unease, I’ll back off because I know that I serve no one by being uneasy while doing something. Unless I can bring my whole, easy self to the table, from now on, I’d rather not go.

I get that ease is not synonymous with ‘slothful’. Somewhat lazy feels fine right now. Like taking afternoon naps with my daughter or unplugging for a few hours every now and then to do something selfish. But for me, ‘slothful’ is not easy at all. It’s stressful. Being a sloth seems like kinking the hose. Cutting off the life energy.

An easier state for me is to be in the flow. Downstream. My personality is such that it feels at ease when it’s doing something fulfilling or interesting, only now, maybe I’ll enjoy the ‘relaxing’ part better. When I allow myself to relax, I’m better at everything. This is easy.

I know. This is nuts. This easy life can’t be safe. Which is why I’m jumping in first. If I survive, you can make your decision to follow. But if I perish, which I may, please know it was purely for your amusement.

However, as for the brave souls who have that wild look in their eye — now that you’re fully informed — I have to ask…

Who’s joining me on easy street?

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