Positive denial

How to turn the other cheek without getting punched in the face

A miracle is performed when we shift our perception from fear to love.

This sure sounds like denial, doesn’t it? Like covering up our eyes, plugging our ears, and pretending the bad things aren’t happening.

If I ignore it, it will just… go… away.

But real miracle work is different. I’d like to share with you the concept of positive denial. This is when we look at the beast in the eyes and know that, since love is all there is, nothing else has any power. Fear, terror, stress, etc. is just a lack of this presence of love. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The whole turning the other cheek thing seems so… dumb. But it starts to make more sense when we see it this way.

Positive denial isn’t when we ignore fear, but instead, we look through it to connect with the love that lies beyond it.


To summon the miraculous, we don’t deny our problems, we transcend them.

When you can look at the beast with loving eyes, you’ve done it. You’ve created a miracle.

Like I’ve mentioned before, this is an inside job. Our aim is to see the love in ourselves while standing in the face of fear. This is where to look. Not to go too Matrix on you, but there is nothing of substance out there. Just shadows.

So, we’re not asking the beast to change. We’re asking ourselves — our perception, and thus our reality — to change. Only then can the beast vanish.

And always remember… There is no spoon.

Idea credits: Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation

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