Peace is an inside job

As primates, we tend to want to control the world around us. To bend it, shape it, and manipulate it according to our will.

When stuff ‘out there’ goes haywire, we reach, grasp, white-knuckle, and stress.

How can we make these things be more agreeable to us? How can we make them make us happy?!

On one hand, this is what’s great about our species. We can envision something that doesn’t yet exist and make it.

But we falter when we start relying on this crazy world we live in to give us peace. We set ourselves up for failure.

Don’t put your complete sense of peace into the hands of the outside world.

Peace is an inside job.

If we get caught up in the drama of the world around us, our job is to identify our own lovelessness and release it, pronto.

It’s about choosing peace, not expecting it or petitioning some outside deity, individual, or social collective for it.

Put yourself in charge of your peace. The only person who can place anyone else above you when it comes to finding peace… Is you.

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