Another worthy practice

I love that word… Impeccability.

What if you had an impeccable day? How great would that be?

Sound like a tall order? Ok, let’s start small. How about an impeccable hour?

Still too much?

How ‘bout an impeccable conversation. Just one. With someone you love. Could be with someone else. Or yourself.

Try starting small like this.

image credit: Jonas Ellison @Basel, Switzerland

Just pick one block of time where your thoughts are impeccably aligned with your highest self.

Even this is enough to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

I’ve heard it said that if you have a hard time getting in the habit of flossing your teeth, just tell yourself that you’re only going to floss one or two teeth that night.

What you find is, since you’re already flossing — even though your intention was to only floss a couple teeth — you realize you may as well go ahead and floss the rest.

It works. I’ve tried it.

So, see this as a form of spiritual flossing. Just start with small, manageable blocks of time where you practice impeccability.

Then, ask yourself… Could you expand that block of time? Could you go, possibly, a whole morning or an entire evening impeccably aligned?

Or a whole day?

Imagine that…

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