Time to purge

We show up in this world with infinite intelligence in a godly sense. As far as earthly knowledge goes, though, we’re extremely deficient. We couldn’t survive one day without the help of an adult.

And so begins the process of our learning how to adapt to this world. We’re slowly learning how to eat, how to drink, how to sleep, how to walk, how to talk, and the million and one other connections the brain makes as it grows.

Eventually, we’re taught how and what to think. Beliefs are passed on to us from our elders. Sometimes even ones of a spiritual or religious nature. We’re indoctrinated. It’s the way it goes.

Soon, we start having our own experiences. These experiences may show us that these beliefs and ways of doing things that have been passed on to us are useful… Or not.

Even in our spiritual lives, there’s a period of time where we’re adding to our knowledge bank. We’re learning different truths — whatever path we may be on.

But there comes a time when we must purge.

“The only death there is, is our own letting go of unessential ideas; the only conflict is our struggle to release that which no longer serves us.”

-Emma Curtis Hopkins

I get it. We need stuff. We really do. A roof over our heads, people who like us, food in our bellies, and a few other things.

I’d even go so far as to say that having more than just enough is a virtuous thing. What better way to enjoy this human incarnation than with money, right? Sure beats the alternative. I’ve lived it, as you may have, and I can say that there’s no virtue in poverty.

But, from a spiritual perspective, we reach a point in our development where we must start purging. We must begin shedding non-useful beliefs. The ones our school teachers, pastors, parents, siblings, and other figures may have influenced us to put in place.

From this point on, we realize…

Living a life rooted in truth is entirely about letting stuff go.

Maybe not physical stuff (or maybe so). The physical stuff is just effects. Just the end-product of our beliefs. Our focus shouldn’t even be on that stuff.

What I’m talking about is releasing fears, hangups, doubts, ignorance, and ego-based nonsense so we can get back to that pure God-stuff that we were born with.

Now that we know how to live, it’s time to release our nonsense so we can remember how to LIVE.


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