And so the vicious, virtuous cycle begins

This is usually how it works…

You’re inspired. You experience something beyond reason that lights your soul aflame.

The word inspiration comes from the latin root, spiritus, which translates as “breath” or “wind”. This, what you’re going through now, is the new breath.

Next, your brain gets involved. Your inquiring mind. You want to find out more. You want to know if this is logical or not.

The ego is all over it. It’s going to try to rip this inspiration to shreds. You’re getting a little big for your britches being all inspired and what-not…

This brings on conflict. Horrible. How can it be? It can’t be. Yes it can. Well, if it is, then how ‘bout that? None of it makes sense…

But the inspiration is still there. You can’t go back.

You can’t be uninspired. What’s done is done. A higher truth wants to be born through you. Sorry, Bucko. Not getting out of this one.

The conflict continues through rigorous self-questioning and doubt. You feel like you’ll lose it. But here’s the thing…

Spirit never loses.

You might give up. You might throw your hands in the air and tell yourself you’re done. The pain is too intense.

This is perfect. It’s all part of the design. Spirit needs your little monkey mind out of the way. You might not realize it, but it’s thanking you right now.

Surrender is the catalyst to higher truth.

Some people never surrender to this higher idea that’s making its way through them. They wrestle with it and end up choking it. But not you…

Eventually, something emerges. A-ha! The light bulb. It makes perfect sense. Your mind has been expanded. You’ve evolved. The inspiration has birthed a higher thought. Look how beautiful it is.

Now, your mind gets scared. It wants to hold onto it. It’s afraid it’s going to lose it. But what you‘ll realize is…

You can’t un-evolve.

You’re there. The higher truth that was just birthed through you is a part of your DNA now. The bell has been rung.

Sure, you might get bored of it. But that’s ok. There’s always more. Always.

This is the never-ending cycle. So get back in there, Tiger. Let inspiration take you through the motions and see what higher truths await you on the other side.

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