The power of ‘what is’

I thunk to myself just earlier today — Self, are you ever just… ok? Ok with the way things are. Ever find yourself in that state of mind?

Not really, myself said to my self.

So, as my daughter and I were walking in the park, I played with the thought… Felt like a good place to be…

Just be ok with ‘what is’ right now. And now. And now…

It was awesome. But I flashed in and out of it. My mind didn’t take to it too easily.

And then I looked down. Right there in front of me was the answer, as usual, from my personal life guru — my almost 2 year old daughter, Rory.

We were standing in front of a little puddle. She was throwing sticks, rocks, and leaves in it. For about 20 minutes.

I was frustrated. I wanted to go. To walk around this cool new park (we’re visiting New York City right now, so we’re in tourist mode).

She had a huge walking path around this pond to run around on — complete with a playground — but she chose to hang out right here. To keep doing what she was doing.

Filling up this little puddle in the middle of the park — in the middle of Queens — in the middle of the universe.

In true form, she portrayed perfectly what I was philosophizing about. She was perfectly fine with ‘what is’. There was no other place she’d rather be.

I get it. It’s awesome to build. To create. To innovate. But there’s a lot of power in sinking back into the ‘what is’ more often. To just be comfortable in your skin and in your current life.

Being happy with our world RIGHT NOW is an important ingredient on the path of creativity.

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