Show us your freak side, part 2 of 2

How to fully express your inner freak without publicly making an ass out of yourself

Yesterday, I spoke of how we want to see your freak side.

It’s true. I still hold firm to that. But shifting into freak-mode is something that’s hard to undo. Once you put things out there on the interwebz, you can never completely take them down, no matter how many times you push the ‘delete’ button.

I’m not saying this to scare you, but merely as a slight warning. Let’s face it. There’s probably just stuff you shouldn’t share. Yet.

There’s a balance. If you want to go full freak-style, that’s fine. Just know that you’ll attract people to your tribe of that same level freakiness. Which could be good. Or not.

The perfect amount of freakiness comes out when you lean slightly past your comfortable edges. This is good. Lean too far, and just like with skiing, you’re bound to crash face-first into the snow.

It’s no big deal. We’ve all probably been there. But it can be avoided. So why not take precautions, right?

So, how do you achieve this balance? How do you put more of your sassy side into your work without going overboard?

Freewrite. Every day.

Shoot for three pages. This is for your eyes only. So go nuts.

Go full-on freakmode in your freewriting.

Then, out of those pages, pick the pieces you want to put out for public consumption.

Be a curator of freakiness.

Find the parts that make you a little uncomfortable, but that, if you were the reader, you’d get an emotional charge reading without vomiting (unless that’s the reaction you’re gunning for).

You want to give your freak side full expression. It feels SO good to do this. But only share what you consciously want to share. What will bring smiles, nods, chuckles, deeper insight or whatever else you want to bring to people.

We’re waiting…

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