The illusion of darkness

First, some words from Ernest Holmes…

When the first house was lighted with electricity the darkness did not groan and say, “How long have I been dark. How ignorant have been those who have permitted this darkness. What grievous mistakes they have made.” The darkness said nothing when the light spoke; and the light shown in that darkness and the darkness was not. There were no devious paths other than the discovery of the light. There was no judgement of darkness against the light. There was no action of darkness upon the light. The light merely exclaimed, “Behold, I come!” and the darkness disappeared.

I think this is brilliant.

“I’m doing my work.”

“I’m getting through it.”

“Working on it, man… Working on it.”

We hear this kind of stuff all the time from people who are doing soul-work. But reflecting on Ernie’s quote above, we see how this laborious attitude may not be the right state for getting our mental house in order.

There is no ‘dark’ switch.

Like my friend, Kamal Ravikant says,

Each time the mind shifts to darkness — fear, worry, pain, you name it — when you notice, clean the window. Light will flow in.

Darkness is merely the absence of light. It’s not really a ‘thing’. It’s more of a ‘non-thing’.

We don’t sit down in a dark room and try to ‘will’ the dark away. We simply turn on the light.

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