Initiate with magic

Reacting is what your body does when you walk through poison ivy. It’s also the flinch response when a punch is thrown at your teeth. It’s instinctive and automatic. Not artful at all. It’s very primal and sometimes ugly and violent.

Responding is better. It’s something we do to external stimuli, but with more thoughtful action than when we react. The stoics say it’s not so much what happens to us, but our response to it that matters. There’s powerful truth in response of a higher nature.

Then we have initiation. This is what visionaries do. They see and make of this world what isn’t there yet. They set in motion the stuff that others are forced to react to.

If we want to create magic, we can throw in listening. Listening is the act of intense Self-awareness. It’s not us doing the work. We’re just expressing the urges from a higher place.

When we initiate from a place of listening, the things we initiate are worthy, profound, and impactful.

When we can lay back and observe the stuff that bubbles up from our soul that wants to express through us, we initiate from a place of power.

Try playing with this stuff. Respond. Listen. Initiate. Create the thoughts that fill your world.

*HT to Seth Godin — this post inspired by and expanded on the section, “The Easiest Thing” from Tribes.

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