You can’t escape creativity

May as well use its forces for good

Many people think that ‘being creative’ is only for artists in the literal sense — dancers, writers, painters, drawers, sculptors, actors, etc.

The truth is, whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, Wal Mart greeter, masseuse, stay-at-home parent, or sniper — you’re creative.

Creativity cares less about your vocation, avocation, or whether or not you’re on vacation (had to throw that in there, sorry).

Creativity, much like a heartbeat, is one of the things you were endowed with from birth. This divine urge emanates from your consciousness at all times. It wants only to express.

If you’re breathing, you’re creating.

When we ignore, suppress, or deny this urge — we feel lifeless. We get stuck in that dead-end job. We get writers block. We can’t execute on any ideas. We don’t know where to take our client’s case. Our sermons fall flat on a dead audience. So on and so forth…

Yet, as creativeless and bleak as these above scenarios are, what we must realize is — these, too, are creative acts.

Feeling stuck? Boom. That’s an experience you’ve created.

Feel like you’re not creative? Well, amigo, that, right there, is a creative act. You’ve declared that you’re not creative and have created a belief that says you’re not creative. And so it is.

In every moment, we’re creating. In every moment, we’re choosing.

The good news is, the universe loves contradictions☺ The very next day — hell, the very next MOMENT — you can tell yourself a different story. And if you believe it (this is the key), you can create an entirely new experience.

The key to effective creativity is mastery of belief.

You have to consciously realize that, in every moment, you’re creating whether you realize it — or like it — or not. Once you do that, you can grab hold of that firehose of creativity (that’s always on) and point it in a direction of your choosing.

You can turn your life-sucking job in the law firm to one full of color and enthusiasm. Or, you can leave and do something of your soul’s choosing. Now that you KNOW you’re a creative force of nature — yep, no shit — you can be unstoppable.

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