Waking up behind the speedboat of life

Yesterday, we talked about how it can sometimes feel like we’re a dog being drug behind the wagon of life (riffing on the concept of Stoicism).

Doesn’t seem like there’s much room for creativity in THAT situation, does it?

But what if you knew that this wagon was going in a direction that a Higher part of you wants to go?

It’s no mistake you’ve hitched a ride behind this wagon. There are no mistakes in the universe. Our lives are part of a grand intelligent design that our tiny human brains can’t often comprehend.

Today, I’d like to switch the analogy to meet a more modern view and compare this divine Force (‘Logos’ as the stoics call it) as a powerboat and us as the wakeboarder.

Here’s the situation we’re born into: Life has smeared that goopy stuff on our feet, slapped a board on, tossed us into the water, and taken off full steam ahead.

Now, it’s up to us.


When we know that the speedboat of life is pulling us in a direction that we’ve been divinely appointed to go in, we can surrender to its power and glide happily along behind it.

(Or… We can drown.)

It’s simple, really. Two choices at all times. To resist. Or to ride this thing for all it’s worth.

When we harness the flow of life, we can glide on its wake with a maniacal smile. We can do backflips. We can use our minds to steer through obstacles. We can go barefoot and one-handed. We can gleefully jump off the ramp.

When we’re living from this place, we’ve given ourselves permission to freely use the unlimited creative license we were born with.

Or we can stop steering, give up, complain, ask God why we were put here, and thusly get tossed around like a rag doll.

That lake water tastes horrible, doesn’t it? How much of it must we inhale before we get it?

The choice is entirely up to us, individually. This is where the power of our minds come in. This is our free will.

Sure, we’re gonna eat it. We’re gonna land on our faces every now and again. But we’re never gonna pull off that 360 unless we endure.

I’m gonna go work on that backflip. Care to join me?

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