Living from the inside-out

How long do you ponder a question before looking it up online? I mean, why churn over the answer when, in 0.2 seconds, you can have 2 million of them appear before you (and the right one at the very top!)?

How about those beliefs and opinions you hold? Have you actually thought them through or have you quickly taken to Google to read what other people have to think about them?

These aren’t bad things in themselves. They’ve changed our world for the better in a lot of ways. The more information we have, the more enlightened we become.

But when we stop thinking for ourselves, our minds atrophy.

We humans get easily lost when we become outer-directed.

When we live more from the outside-in than from the inside-out. When we stop thinking for ourselves and carry on living from the truths of others.

Inner-direction is like using your GPS. Outer-direction is like stopping every 5 miles to ask for directions. What’s more efficient?

Now, this isn’t Google’s fault. Before Google, we had the concept of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ where we conformed to the ways of the neighbor down the street with the ‘perfect life’. Another form of outer-direction.

Funny how we humans are quick to conform to the lowest, most comfortable common denominator. It doesn’t take much for us to flail ourselves down the greasy slide of living our parent’s lives (or the lives they never lived — whichever THEY prefer) or for us to change our wardrobe to match the ‘cool’ kid in class.

This is a very human thing. Great thinkers have been harping about it for centuries. But the web has put outer-directed living on steroids.

It’s good to take time every now and then to check in with ourselves. To remember who we are.

It’s time well-spent to shut off, close our eyes, hold out our arms, and trust-fall back into the inner sanctuary of our own minds.

We need to routinely check in with our higher selves and make sure we’re living life from this inner place.

So, take a sec. Think about where YOU want your life to go. Look around and make sure that your circle of friends is the one YOU’VE chosen. Kick the tires of your body and make sure you’re treating it well. Then, take action in the direction YOUR soul wants to go.

Sure, look stuff up online. Research your ideas. Just don’t forget about you.

This is living from the inside-out. This is the flow.

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