Easy there, Nostradamus

The false ego loves to predict. “I told you so” is one of its top-5 favorite phrases.

Funny how the predictions are usually apocalyptic. What’s also funny is how often it’s wrong. It has — maybe — an 18.5% success rate (pulled that number completely out of my ass, but I’m probably not far off).

Watch your thoughts when you do this. You’ll notice that when you predict, you say ‘probably’ a lot.

“This probably won’t work.”

“Everyone at the party will probably hate me / think I’m stupid / notice how bad I smell.”

“If I say this, then he’ll probably say that, which will make me say the other thing, and then I’ll get in a fist fight. Again.”

Take control of that bucking bronco that is your monkey mind and switch up the language. Stop the false ego dead in its tracks and tell it to zip its face.

Now, take out the “probably’s” and add “I know’s”. Create the screenplay of the day/situation as you WANT it, not as the ego is telling you it’s going to be.

“I know this will work.”

“I know that I usually over-exaggerate how miserable parties are going to be, and I know this one will be awesome.”

“I know that I’ll say whatever I want to say. I also know that it’s not up to me how he takes it.”

And then, release it. Let go.

If it happens as you wish, awesome. Coming from this higher place of creativity, your chances are much better that it will. If you’re thinking this way, you’re more bound to act appropriately / tickle the forces in the universe to make it so.

If it doesn’t, at least you save yourself the wasted stress and all-day worrying that comes from using the ancient part of your brain that’s designed to predict whether or not the panther is hiding in the thicket of brush just up ahead to predict your future.

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