Gorgeously Human Love

I love these words from Courtney Walsh. She describes the human condition in incredible perspective here.

Spirituality is great. But this human experience is nothing to deny or downplay. This messy, gritty, sometimes dysfunctional human life can be a thing of beauty — and a very spiritual thing — from this higher perspective.

Beating ourselves up for not having the whole unconditional love thing nailed down is a futile exercise.

Life has a knack for bringing us to our knees. Just when things are going great, the rug is pulled out from under our feet as we crash to the ground — wind knocked out of our lungs and gravel embedding into our flesh.

Just when we we start to love — really love — we’re rear-ended and betrayed.


But, if while we’re down there — hands and kneecaps bleeding from the impact — we can pause and remember who we really are and where we’re from, we can smile.

When we remember that we’re only here for a very short time in these clunky, vulnerable, and temporary human bodies, we can realize the great truth that this, too, shall pass.

When we remember that we’re really beings of a higher nature, we can know that who we really are is much bigger than this. And we can give ourselves a pass.

We can see this trip as a sort of mission. A mission of bringing our higher selves to this sometimes unbearable human experience. We can pick ourselves up and fearlessly love again — as messy as it may be — so that we can bring a glimpse of the divine to this round ball made of dirt so as to remind others of our true nature.

We can display to the world that we can love, regardless of the pain.

Human love. Fearless love. Reckless love. Stupid love. Love in spite of it all. This is what it means to be human.

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