What’s the stronger thought?

What’s in it for me?


How can I serve?

It’s easy to get it twisted. We feel strong like bull when we go through life bullying our way through things. The ego feels fat and happy when we ‘get what we want’.

But it’s all about the root belief. What’s the motivating belief behind the way we’re living?

When we stand back and look at ourselves when we’re living live life purely from a place of what’s in it for me, it’s obvious to see that the motivating root belief is one of lack, worry, weakness, fright, limitation, and overall wimpyness.

If our root belief was strength, plenty, abundance, joy, badassery and awesomeness, we’d live focused on serving others. On giving our gifts to the world. Because we’d not only conceptualize, but know and live the statement that there’s plenty more where that came from. And compensation would come from this much healthier place.

P.S. A little bit of what’s in it for me, is healthy. I see nothing wrong with wealth and abundance. Matter of fact, I think it’s our natural state. We just need to check that root thought and make sure it’s grounded in plenty, wholeness, and good juju.

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